Friday, August 26, 2005


Since this blog continues to be a self-proclaimed Apprentice fan blog site (even though I sort of disowned the show earlier this year), I thought I'd give this latest link to the actual official site. The promos for the two Apprentice shows are running nonstop on NBC. I believe the apprentice contestants have also been picked and announced- at least that's the case for Martha Stewart. Be sure to check out her site to see who gets their big shot at being on TV.

The big question is of course what will be the big tag line for Martha Stewart? She can't use "you're fired!", so they say. From what I read in the tabloids, she is driving her producers crazy by coming up with a different tag line every week. Well, that really will shake things up on TV if true. It would also be really original.

I have a feeling the Martha Stewart Apprentice show is going to get big ratings on NBC. They need to freshen up the franchise somehow and this may do the trick. What's next after this, a Donny Deutsch Apprentice? Oh yeah, he has a show on CNBC already that nobody watches. What about a Mark Cuban Apprentice? Wait, I forgot, Mark Cuban had a show already and Donald Trump cleaned his clock.

In other big Apprentice news, Bradford Cohen, Esq., famed counsel to Apprentice contestants, recently got the hotheaded Chris from Apprentice 3 off from disorderly conduct charges. So that's more free publicity for him and his law firm in sunny (?) (!) Florida.

Anyway that's the Apprentice news for now.

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