Friday, August 05, 2005


I have nothing to say about Robert Novak opening his big mouth and saying "bulls%!t" on the air on CNN the other day, you can find out for yourself at TVNewser. All I'll say is it takes a lot of guts to swear on live TV with the US Congress threatening to throw the book at everyone over the slightest indecency. I would've never done that on the air. What an embarrassment.


I've talked about how I've gone back and forth on whether to forget sports and politics and just pursue TV news. The issue is the vast range in quality of these gigs. Many of these news positions are simply God-awful as far as most everyone in the business is concerned, and therefore sports and politics look mighty good by comparison. But on the flip side, some of these news gigs are really good.

If I decide I want to pursue it I know now where I want to wash up. I want to be a reporter for 20/20. Good gig.

Tonight they had some guy interviewing all these hip professionals in an upscale bar on what their favorite vodka was, and then they'd do taste tests and it would turn out they had no clue what they were talking about, they were all wasting their money. Now that's the kind of fun story I'd have a blast doing: going into bars doing vodka taste tests. And they also interview lots of celebrities on that show, too.

Beats getting shot in Iraq (someone was killed there this week), or getting locked up in jail for refusing to disclose your sources (Judith Miller), or covering criminal activity in Toronto or anywhere else. That's what they were back to covering tonight on Global and, uh, CityNews. I guess the big plane crash story is over, so the real fun is over for these folks in the local newsrooms and it's back to covering the usual out-of-control gun crime in this city. Couldn't they get some more harrowing-escape stories from all these plane crash survivors?! That's what 20/20 would do! We've had nothing but violent crime stories all over the news all week, coverage of shootings. I think tonight someone got killed. I wasn't paying much attention.

These reporters must be envious of the stories they do over at 20/20, getting to sit in bars all night instead of interviewing these bystanders and cops on the street. These reporters probably even got to drink vodka after they were done shooting.

And you have John Stossel going on his anti-political correctness rampages every week with "Give me a Break!" This is my kind of news show, even though it really doesn't have much hard news in it these days. It's not all that investigative like 60 Minutes or aimed at soccer moms like Dateline, or filled with true-crime like 48 Hours. It's more like lite info-tainment for yuppies. But it's still a good show, 20/20.

I hereby declare Elizabeth Vargas to be a babe.

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