Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Seems like a lot of news reporters these days are leaving their jobs (ie. Ben Chin going into politics) and getting new gigs.

Read a number of reports that Dan Rather's days at CBS could be numbered- a lot of speculation that people are waiting for him to leave and that he has little to do. They keep speculating he's going to end up at CNN but who knows right now. All we know is that it sounds like he's being treated like a leper in a non-leper colony over at CBS.

Also read on TVNewser that Wilf Dinnick is leaving Global TV and is going to be ABC News Jerusalem correspondent, one of the better gigs in the business. I met Wilf during my news internship at CTV. I spent a day at YTV News and saw Wilf put one of his stories together in the edit suite. As I say, only a matter of time before I meet Tom Brokaw or Dan Rather or any of the other bigshots of the news business.

The other really big story last week was that Bill Hemmer signed with Fox News in what has to be embarrassing news for CNN. CNN basically was going to demote him, but now Hemmer has turned around and defected to the arch-rivals for a yearly salary of reportedly, as Dr. Evil would say, one MILLION DOLLARS. That does it. I've got to get back into TV news, no more sports for me. I want to be a millionaire.

In other news, an interesting signing... I read this at TVBarn. Seems that unpopular TV journalist Ashleigh Banfield (or, as the CBC would say, Canadian TV journalist Ashleigh Banfield) has officially joined Court TV and will be filling in on daytime programs including Catherine Crier Live.

I say she's supposedly "unpopular" because if you regularly look at the boards over at the TVSpy vault, a lot of these news people have nothing good to say about her from her MSNBC days. Don't know why that is, I didn't think she was so bad. But a lot of these folks are convinced that she's some sort of tabloid artist. Anyway, she won't shake that reputation much at Court TV, covering all these criminals. Didn't that channel also hire Andrea Thompson, the ex-actress from NYPD Blue who wanted to switch to TV news? Boy did she ever wash out quickly at CNN. That's someone else who's really hated by all these no-lives types in the news business, just for being an actress.

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