Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I'm pretty well-connected to people in municipal politics here and have some friends who are political aides and the like with city councillors, and I should definitely ask them what they think of the Natalie Glebova flap.

They probably agree with the Toronto Sun... that Toronto is being run by idiots. And David Miller, well, he sure looks like a fool in office. He claims he didn't know about this but I'm sure the Donald or somebody in that Miss Universe organization let him know about this after the fact.

Before Miller came to office Toronto at least was making attempts to be a world-class city, but now the city is an international joke. Thanks to this snub of Natalie Glebova. It makes Toronto look like an uptight city that doesn't like to have fun. All these Miss Universe-obsessed Latin Americans have to be laughing at Toronto now for this silly affair. I know it was some bureaucrat's fault for kicking her out of Nathan Phillips Square but still, this happened under Miller's watch.

By the way, the Sun likes Miss Universe now. They finally put her on the front page. They know a good story when they see it.

The city may be run by idiots but at least that paper isn't.


Classic said...

_"The Sun likes Miss Universe now" indicates the hidden issue. Who ever heard of her before winning this title? Where was the Miss Canada pageant held? Or roughly when?

John Cairns said...

I'm not entirely sure when the Miss Canada pageant was held. In fact, that's a whole story unto itself, what's happened to the Miss Canada pageant. I remember when the Miss Canada Pageant was on CTV years ago with Jim Perry hosting it, and the winners would go on to compete in the Miss Universe pageant. But CTV got rid of the pageant several years ago because the ratings were falling, a lot of women thought the show was sexist, and people were sick of beauty pageants generally. That should have finished off the pageant for good, but it went "underground" and has survived in bare-bones form, and they've kept on sending their winners to the Miss Universe Pageant. But it isn't shown on TV at all, basically, so yes, nobody cares about Miss Canada. Which is why it came as a shock that Natalie Glebova won the Miss Universe Pageant given that nobody cares about Miss Canada anymore.

Meanwhile these Latin American countries wheel their contestants in for plastic surgery and waste tons of money on Miss Universe, Miss World and other competitions. I think the reason it's a bigger deal in Latin America is because those are republics down there, and these beauty pageants represent their link to "royalty" and "glamour" generally. In Canada we have... the Queen! So I guess we don't need the Miss Universe Pageant.