Monday, July 18, 2005


If the Tories were led by a Brian Mulroney-type moderate, say the pollsters, they'd be WAY ahead of the Liberals, in the 50s. And I believe them. 100%.

And I'm beginning to think that the federal Tories are a lost cause if we go into an election with Stephen Harper leading it, in spite of all the money the party has raised and the great candidates that were recruited. This party ought to be poised for the greatest landslide victory this country ever had, but Stephen Harper is doing nothing to help the party's cause. Every time he opens is mouth the Tories lose votes because of something he tells reporters. The people in charge simply think the problem is cosmetic, that all he needs to do is flip some burgers and smile more and tell some jokes, and things will be just fine.

Just today the increasingly pro-Liberal Globe and Mail ranted about Harper's new vows to repeal same-sex marriage, and people don't want to hear about it. That issue is DONE, it's OVER, and everyone is sick and tired of hearing Stephen Harper ranting about it. I'm not even in favor of repealing the legislation now that it's in place, even though I opposed bringing it in earlier. Now that we have a law on gay marriages, we can't simply toss it out. What are they going to do, nullify a bunch of gay marriages under this legislation and say they don't exist anymore?! That's completely unworkable and probably unconstitutional, and the courts would have a big cow over it. And people don't want Harper to use the notwithstanding clause, that's pretty clear, too. In fact, most people don't really care one way or another on this issue, they just want this debate over with and settled. Harper should just listen to what people are saying and think pragmatically, for a change! Our country is stuck with gay marriages whether we want it or not. Stephen Harper should get over it and quit making comments on it.

And frankly, people don't want to see the next election fought based on angry-white-man-type wedge issues generally. People are fed up with the low road and wedge-issue politics and quite frankly, so am I. What they want is a complete change of style, a change of atmosphere. They want people who will get government off people's backs and clean up the corruption. Usually that's what Conservatives stand for anyway. Instead they see from the top down of the Conservative Party a group of hostile people who are intent on regulating people's social lives and playing the usual politics.

People want to see a positive alternative to the Liberals, not some negative bunch of uptights taking over. Canadians are clearly disgusted with the Martin Liberals and their cynical, flip-flopping, low-road dirty politics. But they see the Conservatives with Harper and the usual gang of angry social-conservatives and Gurmant Grewal-type incompetents, and they see no improvement. And it's Harper who's setting the tone with his comments and his general direction.

Enough already. People at the top of the Tories, it's about time you went out and sold to the Canadian people some decent, moderate, positive policies that they'll vote for! The politics and tone of negativism and division will not work for the Conservatives no matter how much burger-flipping and glad-handing you do.

I hope someone in the party is listening to this rant but I doubt it. Man, I am fed up with politics; even the party I am supporting is completely messed up. This country is HOPELESS.

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