Friday, July 22, 2005


The NHL is unveiling it's "new NHL" today with a big press conference around 2:30, then at 4PM Gary Bettman will announce the results of the NHL Draft Lottery which will determine the order in which teams will draft in Ottawa next week, among other things. That's one of the side stories people are missing out on. Everyone's obsessed with Sidney Crosby but a few teams could really end up getting screwed because of the draft order. I mean, this really looks like a case of teams being chosen at random. And these teams with more balls really only have just a little bit more chance of landing Crosby than the rest of them. It's as if they bought a few extra lottery tickets at the local convenience story. Really.

Already people are saying the fix is in, Crosby will go to the Rangers. So the rich get richer, even though the Rangers are notorious for spending money like there's no tomorrow on crummy teams that never get into the playoffs! Others are saying Crosby should go to the Leafs and frankly, I'll vomit if Crosby goes to the Leafs. Leaf fans will go nuts and celebrate as if they won the Stanley Cup--- these gullible fools. The Leafs don't need Sidney Crosby, they have enough fans. If the Leafs get Crosby they'll just up their ticket prices ( cheap seats to $70 a pop, probably) and these gullible fans will buy them. Dummies.

If Crosby is going anywhere I hope he goes to Pittsburgh, because that franchise in in serious trouble and really needs the help. Same with Buffalo or somewhere like that. Even Chicago could use Crosby, Chicago's been in bad shape for a long time. Toronto doesn't need Crosby for crying out loud, and neither does Detroit or Dallas or Colorado. But anyone could get Crosby.

Man, think of the outrage likely to happen in Canada if a Sunbelt team like Tampa Bay gets Crosby. They already won the Stanley Cup, so they don't need him anyway! If they get Crosby Tampa Bay will become a dynasty and the Cup will never return to Canada. And all the Canadian fans hate the Sunbelt because they feel they hate hockey down there and that the fans are all dummies who just go to the games so they can watch the fights. Could happen.

TSN has live streaming coverage beginning at 2PM. And in another example of the strength of popularity of this game, I'm noticing everyone in Canada is going bananas over the "new" NHL and all the rule changes and the like, and are devoting saturation coverage. As they always do.

But the Americans, well, they don't care. A few regional sports networks that people hardly watch are gonna show the big draft lottery and frankly, that's all this sport deserves after last year's chaos. Personally I think it's the AMERICANS who are the sensible ones here. A lot of people in Canada are blasting the Americans for not caring about today's big NHL revival press conference but frankly today's event is nothing more than a big cynical PR stunt as far as I'm concerned. The "new NHL"- better than ever before. Yeah, right.

I like this sport, I always will, and it's great that they are back. But these guys all deserve a stay in the doghouse for quite a while yet, as far as I'm concerned.

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