Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I dunno about you but it's going to make the NHL look really bad if they get back to playing while Sidney Crosby is lacing up the skates and making millions upon millions of dollars selling Reeboks and playing pro... in Switzerland.

It's also a good way for superstar junior players to do an end-run around the NHL Draft so that they don't have to sign with dog teams that could really use the help in order to rebuild and win the Cup (ie. Pittsburgh when they drafted Mario Lemieux). If this keeps up, teams like Pittsburgh may never win again. The superstar players they draft will just go to Europe for millions of dollars, and then come back and sign with the Red Wings or Avalanche, who always win. So hockey fans in North America end up getting hosed, and all that lip-service about "improving the game" will turn out to be nonsense. The only place where the game will be improved will be Switzerland, because they'll have Crosby. No wonder ESPN doesn't want to cover any more NHL games. Hockey fans are going to lose again.

Way to go, NHL, you fools.

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