Friday, July 22, 2005


I think it is poetic justice that the most decrepit franchise in the NHL gets Sidney Crosby as the number 1 pick. The Pittsburgh Penguins need a new arena and are in terrible shape. They really need Crosby to save them, the way Mario Lemieux did. Again.

I know some of these commentators are boohooing the fact that Crosby is going to a dump city and won't be playing in some big glamorous market, that nobody cares about Pittsburgh. But that's life. The worst teams usually get to draft first, and the Penguins are just terrible. So I think it's good that they got him. Wasn't this the whole point of the lockout, so that these teams in smaller markets and lunch-bucket blue-collar burgs could compete for players with the big cities? How quickly these commentators forget. Besides, Crosby should like it in Pittsburgh; he put up with living in Rimouski, after all. Pittsburgh is bound to be an improvement.

( And if they don't get an arena in Pittsburgh, don't worry, the team will move to WINNIPEG and all of Canada will go nuts over Crosby.)

Next thing is: what's with this new NHL logo? The whole logo looks like it's crooked or backward or something. I was squinting at it and man, it was weird to look at.

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