Sunday, July 17, 2005


You know, I think a story like this one is pretty important. The Liberals are having all kinds of trouble raising money and I think it's a telling sign that that party is in some trouble.

Meanwhile I think the indications are that the Conservatives are going to be just fine in the fund-raising department and are in better shape that these polls are indicating. You see it with larger crowds at nomination meetings and more money in the bank. They may not be in command of the polls right now but organizationally the Conservatives are looking to be in pretty good shape, and organization is really important in an election. This is good news for Tories. The important thing for the Conservatives is to get themselves organized and start targeting some ridings and certain people (Belinda Stronach).

I wonder how Stephen Harper is doing out there, must be getting valuable experience flipping burgers. When he eventually leaves politics he can open a restaurant or something and get rich.

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