Monday, July 11, 2005


In law school I did happen to like the subject matter in one course: intellectual property. I've always been fascinated by the subject, in part because the entertainment industry deals with "rights" issues all the time. I guess I'm just interested in the whole entertainment business and couldn't really care about business law or the rest of the legal curriculum, though I was interested in the criminal law classes.

One time several years ago I was looking around the Internet and stumbled on a quirky website by someone who called herself Lawgirl. Turns out she was a sole practitioner in entertainment and intellectual property law out of Los Angeles.

So naturally I wanted to check out this website and see what it was about, and I was really impressed. Keep in mind this was back in the 90s when websites were in their beginning stages. I came from Saskatchewan where a lot of lawyers knew absolutely nothing about the Internet and in fact didn't even know how to type or do any clerical stuff whatever. They had no websites, nothing, and were all amateurs compared to Lawgirl.

It was a pretty good website she had going about about intellectual property law and the entertainment industry. Lawgirl was commenting on all these legal subjects from musicians to Ally McBeal. Keep in mind this was back when Ally McBeal was all the rage on TV and all these women lawyers wanted to be Ally. Lawgirl had a big article trashing the Ally McBeal show, about how phony and unrealistic it was. I must agree; if Ally McBeal worked for any real law firms, she wouldn't last very long. She'd be fired pretty quickly, if she ever got hired in the first place, this goofy Ally McBeal woman. There's no way they would allow those short skirts in these uptight firms or even in some of the courtrooms.

Lawgirl also had some feature called the "Web Hunk of the Month" or something to that effect and well, I couldn't care less about that. I guess it's good that she likes guys, but she really needs to add a "Web Babe of the Month" or something, too. Equal rights, eh?

Anyway I forgot about this Lawgirl site for a really long time. Just recently, though, I happened to stumble upon the site again. It was still up, which was good, but I was surprised to find out that Lawgirl, whose real name is Jodi L. Sax, Esq., was actually out of commission for a while. She was diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer a couple of years ago at a very young age and she almost died from it.

She had to get four cancer operations and the chemo and all the rest of it, and it sounds like what she had to go through to beat cancer was pretty awful. But she came through and went into full remission, and now it looks like she's hopefully beaten this disease. Now she's living in New York City and setting up some new foundation to help young cancer survivors. Looks like she's devoting most of her efforts to that and not so much with the intellectual property stuff these days. Seems like a great cause and I hope it does very well and helps a lot of people.

You know, she should get some celebrities to help out. Maybe she can contact comedian Tom Green- he's a cancer survivor, and same for Mario Lemieux.

I thought I'd mention it not only because I was impressed with her funky website, something a lot of lawyers might be too uptight to even attempt, but also because Jodi Sax also met Lance Armstrong who is also a cancer survivor. He is doing battle in the Tour de France as we speak. So with Lance in the news again, people are really talking about fighting cancer and wearing these Live Strong bracelets Lance has been promoting. I know that people at ABC News have been wearing these bracelets in honor of Peter Jennings.

The other day Lance gave up the yellow jersey, but I wouldn't count him out with the Alps climb coming up. That's where Lance usually excels, so I wouldn't cash in any chips before the Alps portion is done. The Tour de Lance is going to continue for several days yet.

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