Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Well, as predicted the media went nuts when Karla Homolka was released from jail. And surprise surprise, her first pit stop was to the studios of Radio-Canada, for a one-on-one interview with Joyce Napier for TV. In FRENCH.

You can bet the ratings were huge. It's not often that you see the media in this country landing a big "get". This was about as big as you could get on a day like yesterday, and all of a sudden Radio-Canada makes the sort of buzz usually reserved for those American cable networks you read about on TVNewser and elsewhere. Last I heard, those US cable news folks have all left Santa Maria and have descended on Aruba.

I'm actually a little surprised Homolka didn't sit down for the English-language media. Did they even make an effort, the English media? Anyway, they still went nuts over the fact that she did a TV interview. In fact, the whole Canadian media looked very much like the American media: tabloid to the hilt with crime news.

In fact this story has gotten big play in the American media. The Buffalo stations have been all over it because the murders happened in St. Catherines, not too far away. INSIDE EDITION has even had a story on it. Deborah Norville introduced a story on Homolka's release, and correspondent Les Trent (who I believe is also from Buffalo) was seen reporting the story and interviewing Joyce Napier.

In a way I hope the story goes away and that the news media quits reporting this story so much, because it's too disgusting and sad. But Homolka is still fighting to get media bans imposed on the press to prevent them from reporting on her whereabouts, and there' no way I want her to win a court ruling on something like that. You'd be shutting down the media in order to protect a serial killer. NO WAY do I endorse that.

Anyway, hopefully everyone's on to the next big story: the G8 leaders at Gleneagles and all the anti-poverty activism/protesting going on there.

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fluance1234 said...

Actually Les grew up in Fort Erie and attended Fort Erie Secondary School.