Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I always wanted to get into the entertainment field and got a law degree hoping it would open some doors. Instead, my brother beat me to it.

It's not often that my brother gets things written about him these days, but this appeared in the Vancouver Film School promotional material about his career as an assistant director in films. He currently works for a TV series you may have seen or heard of, Stargate SG-1. The quote I like the most in this article is this one:

"I enjoy my work because it is so untraditional," says Cairns. "I could choose to grow my hair, not shave, wear anything I wanted, and no one would care. We also get to shoot in a lot of different places, meet many interesting people, and see things that you only usually see in the movies; car crashes, gunfire, explosions. The hours can be long with not a lot of time for sleeping but it's a pretty good paycheque and it only gets better as you go up the ladder."

This quote illustrates in a nutshell why my own career choices have been riddled with potholes. In television news, people would have a cow over my looks, what I wore, how I presented myself, everything under the sun. A couple of producers went nuts over the way people dressed and one of them even reamed me out over it. (People who know me from TV probably are doubling over in laughter reading this story, because I wore a suit and tie most of the time and always kept my hair pretty short, and I shaved every day. A fat lot of good that did for me.) So getting reamed out by the fashion police was a joke. It was enough to make you want to go into radio.

It got to the point where even I started obsessing about how I looked and when you get to that point, man, your priorities as a male are really all messed up.

Clearly, my brother would not be able to survive one day in TV news. Unfortunately, I'm not able to survive, either. I should get out.

I should definitely pursue entertainment, just to get away from these phony fashion rules and regulations.

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