Thursday, July 14, 2005


They say the Academy went the safe route and you can say that again.

I can understand 15 nominations for Desperate Housewives given all the hype, even though I personally don't watch the show and personally like other shows a lot more. But I really, really don't understand the 15 they also gave to Will and Grace, a show that is in big decline in my book. I also don't understand why they put Desperate Housewives in the comedy category because it isn't even a traditional comedy- it's more like a funny drama. I have a feeling that Will and Grace is going to come home with very little to show for its 15 nominations, because Desperate Housewives is going to win. Big.

And this is going to make no sense to me when it happens, because I thought Sex and the City (which went after pretty much the same audience) was a much better show with a better cast. And it always got snubbed every year. Anyway, a lot of what the Academy does makes no sense.

Ain't It Cool had this to say about Desperate Housewives:

Earlier this year the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gave its Golden Globe for best comedy series to “Desperate Housewives,” signifying that “Desperate” is a funnier show than “The Venture Bros.,” “South Park,” “Arrested Development,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and “Scrubs,” among many many others. Now the Emmys have nominated “Desperate” as best comedy series as well. “Desperate Housewives” must be funnier than “Fawlty Towers,” “Larry Sanders” and “The Daily Show” put together!!

I suppose these voters don't care whether a show is actually funny. Didn't these same clowns keep on snubbing Seinfeld every year, too? And that show was an absolute classic. These people know nothing about comedy.

Ain't It Cool News was also aghast that Battlestar Galactica got shut out, and same with Veronica Mars. In fact everyone is having a cow over Veronica Mars. I also looked at Aaron Barnhart's site and he, too, was going nuts because he thought that show was getting robbed. He was also aghast that voters ignored Gilmore Girls (yet again) and Reba, and fell head over heels for the promotional campaigns for some of these shows like Deadwood and Six Feet Under.

I know a lot of people are going nuts that Eva Longoria didn't get nominated for Best Actress, but I think it's just the Desperate Housewives fans who are nuts about it. Everyone else probably thinks others were more deserving. Anyway, that's the Emmy race.

I agree with the selections in the reality category with the exception of the nomination for American Idol. I really question that nod, because that show had all kinds of problems and notoriety this year. So that choice made no sense to me. The rest I have no problem with.

I think The Amazing Race is probably the frontrunner for the Emmy again and had a great season again this year but then again, so did Survivor. You know, it's too bad for Mark Burnett because he at least tries to put on reality shows that aren't total garbage. But I suspect this is his best shot at an Emmy for Survivor after the great year it had, and I think if Survivor doesn't win the Emmy this year it will NEVER win it and HE will never win it. Because I think this year was a fluke for that show and that it's all downhill from here. And Burnett has no shot with The Apprentice. The Apprentice deserved to be nominated, but it doesn't deserve the Emmy because the firings are just too predictable and the product placements on the show are too big of a joke, and other shows had a better year than they did.

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