Friday, July 22, 2005


As I have stated here a few times I would definitely be interested in pursuing a career as an agent, though I'm really not sure what type of agent: talent OR sports. In both cases the agents have a lot of clout and make deals.

One guy who is a big agent is Drew Rosenhaus. He's based in football-crazy Miami and represents NFL players. Now, a lot of stories have been written about this guy about how evil he is, and how big a shark he is. He's notorious for holding players out, like Terrell Owens. There are people who say Jerry Maguire was based on this guy which I find a little hard to believe. Jerry Maguire was a sweet, lovable individual compared to Drew. I've seen Drew on TV and on his frequent appearances on the sportscasts on WSVN Miami (which are streamed on the Internet) and he is one extremely intense individual who basically grabs life by the throat. All the bleeping time.

Anyway, he saved some kid from drowning this week by doing CPR on him, and I noticed that the sportscasters are really amused by this. They don't know what to make of him now. Is this guy a hero because he saved a kid's life, or is this yet another example of Drew acting like the big bigshot that he is? I dunno, I think it might be a bit of both. I think he probably got a big kick out of saving this kid's life. I also read his book and he said he rescued a bunch of his clients from a drifting boat during the 1997 Super Bowl. So I think it's another example of the lengths he'll go to get things done and accomplished, generally.

All I know is that life as a sports agent must be great. You'd get to represent star athletes and also save people from drowning. Sounds good to me. But I'd probably need to try and go the hockey route. The most prominent sports agents in Canada are all NHL agents. They make the biggest money and are well-respected in the sports community up here. They get to be on TSN all the time, etc. But NHL agents basically have the same job- they have to deal with a draft and have to sign prospects, and they now have to deal with a salary cap. Yikes.

The NHL agents are going to be watching the NHL Draft Lottery later today pretty closely and what we do know is that it's going to be Sidney Crosby #1 to somebody.

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