Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Well here's the story on what happened: the Canadian Curling Association wants to get out of its deal with the CBC. You know, the one that saw all those curling tournament matches consigned to Country Canada which people had no access to and had to shell out tons of money just to subscribe to.

I'll give the CCA credit here for this: they knew the curling coverage on TV this year was terrible and that the fans were let down, and they're trying to make it right again. That's good, they actually care, it's not all about money with them. And it sure sounds like they had their own beefs about Country Canada bailing out on games in progress, too, before they were completed. That had to have been completely unexpected. No wonder they want out of their CBC deal.

As for the CBC, I suggest they quit whining and complaining about people tearing up contracts with them, and start to figure out ways to provide good TV coverage of sporting events that won't leave the fans all stark-raving mad.

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