Friday, July 15, 2005


It is the typical Canadian thing to do: trashing people who make big money or have big paycheques. People sort of expect every Canadian to work on a crummy civil service salary and that anyone who earns a six-figure salary is completely undeserving. In fact, working for the government is the "in" thing for Canadians to do. Working in the evil private sector for a big paycheque is a big no-no in this country. No wonder free enterprise-type people leave for the States or Asia or somewhere, given this climate.

So in typical Canadian fashion the Globe and Mail trashed NHLPA boss Bob Goodenow for making $2.5 million a year- even though he supposedly caved in to the salary cap and rolled back salaries 24%.

First of all, I think it's really unfair to blame Bob Goodenow for caving in to all the NHL demands. If you are going to throw darts at Bob Goodenow, it's for being a HAWK who couldn't get a deal done because he was a hawk! He did everything he could to stop a salary cap from coming in. It's the players who were caving in and putting the pressure on Goodenow to cave in, just to get a deal done. So he did what they told him to do! He did his job.

And if the players don't like the fact Goodenow agreed to cave in like this, they should tell Goodenow this and not complain about it. The players still have to vote on this deal and if they don't like the deal that Goodenow negotiated, then they should put up or shut up and reject the deal, and order the NHLPA to negotiate a better one. I just don't buy the arguments that Bob Goodenow should be held responsible for caving in to the NHL. That's utter nonsense.

Second, the players may not be happy with the deal they are going to get, but they made out like bandits for most of the Bob Goodenow era. Player salaries absolutely went through the roof and even with this lousy deal, the players still make out like bandits--- thanks to Goodenow's efforts over the last decade of the CBA. The average NHLer will still make far more money than your average NFL player. Think about it.

Finally, I suggest to the Globe and Mail that they are making a big scandal out of Bob Goodenow's salary for nothing. Because when his own contract is up I expect Bob Goodenow will be taking a big paycut of his own. And believe me, it's gonna be a lot more than 24%.

A lot more.

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