Thursday, July 21, 2005


Well, today's big ratification vote is a foregone conclusion so I don't know why there's all this fuss about it. Players are in Toronto at this big meeting and there are scores of television cameras and crews there and they are all covering it, like it's an election or something. I'm just waiting for Peter Mansbridge to show up.

I mean really, is this really that important to Canada? You'd think these media people would find something else to cover that's more important. I guess this must be a slow news day, nothing else important going on in the world, no bombings or any of that. No important news.

See, it's really hard for me to take hockey seriously after what's happened. And it's hard for me to take the breathless hockey coverage seriously from TSN or Sportsnet, or any of these other stations. They're planning these big specials and all this relentless hype, to get Canadians excited about a sport that, well, hosed them. Why should we really care anyway. I noticed the rest of the world wasn't suffering like we were during the hockey lockout. The Americans did just fine without hockey, and most of the rest of the world followed soccer and that was all anyone really cared about. It's hard for me to take hockey seriously as a sport when nobody else in the rest of the world cares. It's almost as if we Canadians feel we have a patriotic obligation to follow and prop up this sport, because one of the things that distinguishes us from the rest of the world is the fact that we care about this stupid sport.

Well, continuing to go nuts over a sport that nobody else in the world cares about, that just locked itself out all year, makes Canadians look like a bunch of freaks and weirdoes. Especially right now on a stinking hot day in Toronto, no winter weather anywhere in sight.

Tomorrow they're holding a big draft lottery for the most hyped-up player ever, Sidney Crosby, and there's going to be massive coverage of that, too, and ridiculous hype from TSN and Sportsnet. I think he could wind up going anywhere in the league based on this ping-pong-ball lottery they have planned. This draft lottery setup is crazy, the traditional losing teams aren't getting any real advantage at all like they usually do, all they're getting is a couple of extra ping-pong balls. Another reason why I can't take this league seriously anymore.

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