Tuesday, July 26, 2005


It's amazing what you learn every day.

I stumbled upon another blog from one of the people I met in politics. This person worked on John Tory's leadership campaign last year, and had a pretty important job doing tour for the campaign. I remember we put up posters in that park in downtown Toronto where they were holding a meet-and-greet barbeque with the candidate, and it was all very successful. The campaign sold a bunch of memberships that day, and our man wound up winning the leadership.

Well, I didn't know this but she had gone through a cancer battle. Wow, you could have fooled me, she looked just fine to me. She didn't look like she'd fought for her life. She must have had great doctors who caught this thing just in time. Now she's decided to write about it on her blog site. Good for her, and I hope she is able to inspire people with her story.

It makes me and my own troubles took puny by comparison. I've had some pretty devastating experiences happen to me in my life, the kind of stuff that would flatten lots of people. But nothing like getting cancer. Wow. If you can overcome that, well, there's nothing you can't overcome. (I also have a sister-in-law who had cancer and beat it, plus other relatives who've been fighting this disease.)

Jen should get some of her Tory friends to quit smoking. That's priority number one.

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