Monday, July 11, 2005


This is the quietest night of the year in the sports world, nothing going on except a stupid home-run derby in Detroit.

Every year All-Star Week would show up and I've always found it a time to totally decompress as a sports fan. Because, really, there's nothing out there going on at all in any of the sports, except for the Tour de Lance, maybe. Other than a few minor-league games, that's it. That's good. I'll be able to concentrate on other things, like maybe go see a movie or something. Maybe I'll see a sports movie- I should take up that money-back guarantee to see Cinderella Man. I must admit, though, the movie selection these days still isn't up to much. But I am looking forward to seeing Wedding Crashers. If Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn are in the movie then it's sure to be worth your money.

In Canada I noticed TSN's front page was plastered with the NHL and I'm going: give up already. I don't want to hear about the NHL and its negotiations at all. But you can bet we'll get a ton of newspapers jumping the gun in th next few days to announce a deal's done, to try and be first, when in fact the deal won't be done yet. That's how the sports media operates in Canada, they announce a big settlement before the settlement, just to make it look like they have the scoop.

All we know is they're working to come up with something and they seem to be in no rush, but they're going to have a deal eventually. Fine. And every day some bitter, disgusted hockey player makes some comment trashing the union because of the crummy deal the players are about to get, and it gets reported by the press and it's supposed to be big news. You expect me to be sympathetic to any of these guys?!

Only in Canada do we get all this obsession with the NHL in the middle of baseball season. You know, I'm still in baseball mode right now and I'm also following the CFL. I don't want to hear about the NHL again until it is hockey season. It's summer, and it's stinking hot out. Enough already, man.

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