Sunday, June 19, 2005


Well, I really thought that auto racing was immune from most of the nonsense that goes on in other sports. I was wrong.Boy was I ever wrong.

Earlier this week Ralf Schumacher had a spectacular accident at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway because one of his Michelin tires blew out on the track. Now, today, Michelin just told their seven F1 teams that they can't guarantee their safety on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with their tires, so as a result these teams have elected not to race. But they aren't even going to cancel the race! They couldn't even decide to cancel the race!

So because of a big controversy over tires at the US Grand Prix, 14 cars have exited the race right from the get-go and we have the spectacle of six cars running around the track in what has turned out to be a complete joke of a race. They should have simply cancelled it and given everyone their money back. What a disgrace.

And I am tuning into the French commentary and they are calling this whole situation "unique et bizarre". No joke. They also used the word "goof" to describe this mess.

The fans are in absolute shock because of this display of incompetence by Michelin, who couldn't even make a decent tire for this track! It wasn't the track's fault, it was Michelin and the teams' fault for botching and ruining this race! Surely they could have come to some kind of an agreement before the race, these teams, on whether to race or whether to put something on the cars to slow them down, but they couldn't even do that. Formula 1 gets a big black eye in the United States, a market where they are getting killed by NASCAR. And NASCAR looks like it's a brilliantly run sport today. No wonder they're killing everyone.

I'm looking at the Indy Speedway and the stands look half-empty. You honestly think these people will be back next year after this? Disgusted fans are seeing what is going on and throwing bottles onto the track in disgust. Fans are holding up signs saying "$ Back" on them and are hooting and stamping their feet in disgust.

This is a dark day for the United States Grand Prix and for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

And I'm disgustedly switching to the NASCAR race on the other channel, this is NONSENSE. Happy Father's Day, race fans!

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