Friday, June 10, 2005


But in other news there was an important Canadian ruling on medicare that could allow private clinics; they declared the ban on private clinics unconstitutional. Well, who cares about that, Michael Jackson is more important.

It's now Day 6 and the media hordes continue to swell. Check out the verdict blog at Court TV and you'll see that the media are all camped out. It's like Camp O.J., except this time it's even more media from all over the world. My sense is that while Americans may not be as interested in the Jackson trial, the rest of the world is even more into it, because a big international star is involved. O.J., on the other hand, was a big NFL star, and nobody outside of North America cares about the NFL. (Except maybe in Germany- the World Bowl is this weekend.)

And you have all the wackos and other freaks showing up to rant and rave. Never fails. Personally, I can't wait for O.J. to get arrested again so that we can see the media go through this circus one more time. It's just too bad this Jackson trial isn't on TV.

We'll see if they come up with a verdict today or whether we all have to wait, again.

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