Monday, June 06, 2005


I don't know about you but as a long-time CNN viewer I'm kind of fed up with all the changes over there at CNN. Every year there's panic because CNN isn't beating Fox News, so every year they get some new administration that changes things and messes the place up. Doesn't matter who they are, it never fails, the place always gets screwed up. One day they should come up with the novel idea to hire back all the people they canned over the last few years, and put shows like Crossfire and Inside Politics back on the air. Then the loyal CNN viewers will come back. But fat chance they'll ever do that, though.

Today comes word that even more changes are coming, in addition to the changes they already made to the channel. American Morning has replaced sports guy-turned-serious-news-anchor Bill Hemmer with Miles O'Brien and Hemmer is leaving the network. Say what! Word is they were trying to get Hemmer to leave the morning show and take some big correspondent's job in DC but Howie Kurtz wrote a big piece in the Washington Post a few weeks back, saying Hemmer was thinking of simply pursuing other offers. COURTESY WASHINGTON POST:

Hemmer, who for the moment is barred from negotiating with other networks, said he is weighing the White House post -- recently vacated by John King -- against his enjoyment of living in New York. But a person close to him said Hemmer was concerned that moving from anchor to correspondent would be seen as a demotion.

I also read in one of the gossip columns out of New York that Hemmer may be going steady with Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom, who used to be First Lady of San Francisco. I suspect that may be a factor, he has a life in New York.

Bottom line is Hemmer didn't want to go to D.C. and made that public, and I don't blame him for saying no to D.C. under his circumstances, it would have messed his life up and his future at CNN wouldn't have looked all that promising.

Anyway a bright light at CNN is gone. Again. What a great business, eh?

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