Wednesday, June 15, 2005


There are still a lot of stories about the legal pundits on TV and their reaction to the Michael Jackson verdict, and here's one from the AP.

UPDATE- And here's an entry from Greta Van Susteren's blog on her frantic day covering the Jackson verdict for Fox News. There's also a link to some Fox News video from Santa Maria.

Already Nancy Grace (of CNN and Court TV) announced she was going to eat crow over the verdict, but the funniest reaction was from Geraldo Rivera, who by the way just signed a new contract to stay at Fox News. Geraldo was so convinced of Jackson's innocence that he threatened to shave his moustache off if he was convicted. Anyway that would have been a sight. ( Rivera had actually grown a beard once when he was at CNBC, which was even worse.)
Anyway it was interesting seeing these Jackson supporters like Rivera react. I didn't
know Jacko had so many friends in high places, people like Donald Trump and Elizabeth Taylor. And then you had those Jacko fans at the trial, especially that woman who released that dove into the air. This is practically a cult, these Jackson fans. But then again, who am I to say, I'm a sports fan, and sports fans can also get crazy.

Anyway, what's next? What are these LEGAL TALKING HEADS going to do without Michael Jackson? Not only him, but the Kobe Bryant case was settled, Martha Stewart did her time, Scott Peterson was sent to Death Row, and Robert Blake got acquitted. Is there any possibility of Jackson getting sued?! I heard that these jurors just about killed any hope of that with their verdict. They didn't even convict Jackson on the alcohol charges.

I think all these legal pundit shows have some problems on their hands--- especially these ones that were only making noise about Jackson all the time. Who's the next poor chump they're going to go after? SADDAM HUSSEIN?!

I mean, really, it was much more fun trashing Jackson. Saddam is, well, Saddam, and everyone hates him anyway. It wouldn't be very sporting of them, going after Saddam. It would be like piling on. Especailly after those photos of him in his underwear were released, that was a low blow.

And what are the anchors going to do, and these reporters? What's Diane Dimond going to do now? Go back to the tabloid press? She might as well, now that the Jacko trial is over. What else is she qualified to do at Court TV besides cover Jackson!? I just can't see her going over to cover the Saddam trial. Can you?

So I think these legal pundits are going to be twiddling their thumbs for a little while. This is bad news for all of them, because this could lead to a big dry spell. At CNN Burden of Proof was a big hit for years with Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack, thanks to the Simpson trial and the interest in legal news. But then things died down for a long time and well, that killed off the show and Greta and Roger had to leave the network. Nancy Grace might have been getting big ratings for Jacko, but who else is out there? I wouldn't be surprised if her ratings go right into the tank for a while and then there will be needless panic at CNN and the knives will be out as usual. All because there's no big trial to cover.

But I think eventually another big trial will come along. It never fails, because this is America. Somebody down there is bound to tune in to too many crime shows, get some ideas, and go nuts and kill somebody.

And then Nancy Grace and the rest of them will be able to continue their ranting and raving and make big money. America, land of democracy, rule of law, and huge royalties.

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