Sunday, June 05, 2005


Other blogs go nuts over Gurmant Grewal and Ujjal Dosangh; I go nuts over Michael Jackson.

The trial is over, thank God, and a verdict is coming soon, I hope. I sure hope they are going to have a decision. I don't want to see a retrial and another replay of this circus. Actually, I kind of can't believe it's over so fast. I remember the O.J. Simpson trial and that one absolutely took forever compared to this case. But I've got to say, of the two trials, O.J. was much more interesting because they delved heavily into interesting evidentiary stuff and forensics. The Jackson case had less of that and more sleaze, and the crime Jackson's accused of is a really disgusting crime. So, frankly, that's why I didn't find it as interesting.

There's coverage at Court TV. There's also coverage from MSNBC with a blog from Santa Maria from anchorwoman Lisa Daniels, who is also a lawyer.

Of course, Canada's media types say they are above this sort of stuff, yet they were all in Joliette making a circus out of that parole hearing that featured Karla Homolka. So I wouldn't get too smug if I were any of them. They had that awful woman on every front page in the entire country on Friday and Saturday and all over the TV news in Toronto. And they wonder why people would deign to cover Michael Jackson.

I plan to add more Jackson verdict links, with my own additional thoughts, soon.

UPDATE: Here is the Court TV verdict blog.

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