Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Well, I've been changing the fonts and adding a few things over to the side there, here at the CAIRNS BLOG, but my ranting and raving continues unabated.

Lately, I've gotten interested again in Hollywood and in California, generally. Maybe it's because the weather around here recently has been California-hot, with plenty of heat and a lot of smog. It's unbearable, but it's better than the freezing cold.

I might as well say this off the bat. I want to live in California! I want to live the LA lifestyle with the palm trees and all that, and hang out with girls. There, that's my declaration for the day. See, I grew up in a cold and miserable place on the Prairie so that explains my pent-up desire to go somewhere like California, plus I happen to like the place after visiting LA a couple of times. Plus, they have real baseball fans in California, not these bandwagon- jumpers they have in Toronto.

Potential problems are drive-by shootings, earthquakes and a terrible transit system. Rats. Maybe I'd be better off in New York, where the transit system there is a lot better. But that place is loaded with criminals and other scoundrels.

One link I have added is to a web site called Hollywood Momentum. I read about it in Creative Screenwriting magazine. It's basically designed for these Hollywood assistants who are trying to climb up the ladder there in Tinseltown. Quite a few of these assistants have a background similar to mine, which I find interesting: they either have law degrees or worked somewhere in television for a news program or something, or even worked in politics. In fact there's tons of assistants in Hollywood who worked in politics in Washington D.C. The similarities are quite pronounced: in both politics and in Hollywood the assistants have to work for low wages to help make their high-profile bosses look good. And in both cases they're working for people who wield a lot of power. I see a lot of similarities.

Anyway, check it out. I happen to have a family connection to Hollywood who keeps telling me how terrible the business is and how it's not so glamourous. Starting out, well, it sure isn't. But he works on the actual day to day end of things on the actual productions, not the "management" track that these assistants are part of. So he has maybe a different perspective.

Anyway that's that for that. More later.

UPDATE: Here's an article on some lawyer guys who quit being lawyers so they could be writers in Hollywood for shows like Law and Order and NYPD Blue.

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