Monday, June 20, 2005


What else can I say? The debacle at the United States Grand Prix in Indianapolis ruined my weekend and ruined F1 racing in the United States, possibly for good. There are rumors flying that the Speedway will pull out of future F1 races. There's also increasing talk that McLaren and the rest of the teams will lead a breakaway from F1 in 2008 and start their own series, and what a mess that is going to be if it comes about. Ferrari is likely to stay in F1 no matter what and turn that series into the Ferrari show every week, and we've seen how boring that's been for racing fans the last couple of seasons.

This sport is overregulated, overrun with bureaucracy and petty politics, and seems determined to act in a manner typical of other poorly-run sports like boxing and the NHL. Guys, learn a few lessons from NASCAR about how to run a sport, and grow up.

And for more on the F1 mess, here's a BBC story.

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