Sunday, June 26, 2005


The Live 8 concert to fight world poverty is certainly a worthy cause by Bob Geldof and a great international event, but the Canadian portion of it promises to be, well, a big letdown.

The reasons are many. Everyone remembers the great SARSTOCK concert with the Rolling Stones and everyone else ( frankly, AC/DC stole the whole show ) and what a great event it was. People were hoping this Live 8 concert would be equally fabulous with some appearances by some famous rockers.

Well, instead of getting big appearances by the Stones, Avril Lavigne, or anyone famous or half-decent, we're getting... Gordon Lightfoot and Burton Cummings and other geezers from the '70s.

People have been ranting and raving about what a letdown this concert is and Bill Brioux is just one of the many trashing this effort.

Frankly, though, there aren't many acts out there who might be an improvement on the lineup they got. I'm trying to think of some big youthful Canadian names who could appear at this thing and frankly I don't think there are too many who've made it big in recent years. The ones who have are people like Shania Twain, but who wants to see her again, yecch. And I have no interest in Avril Lavigne. They do have Celine Dion, but who wants to see her.

Still, these critics have a point when they rip the lineup for Live 8. Personally, I am not excited about the prospect of seeing Gordon Lightfoot or any of these so-called legends. I want to see something current. No big drawing-cards here.

The other reason people are disappointed is because the event went to Barrie, Ontario instead of Downsview Park. So instead of being a fabulous, memorable event that could rival the 2003 Stones concert, it's going to be held in front of 35,000 people in a city that isn't called Toronto. So everyone in Toronto is thumbing their noses at Barrie and calling it Hicksville, but then again Toronto completely screwed up by not making the arrangements in time to get in the running for the event.

All in all I have to say that I decided to skip Live 8. I went to that great Stones concert because I knew that it would be absolutely the greatest concert ever assembled, something you could tell your grandkids about.

But who wants to fight the traffic to go to Barrie to see Gordon Lightfoot!?! Really.

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