Friday, June 10, 2005


I'm really looking forward to this weekend's big races.

NASCAR will be at Pocono this weekend, and the IRL will be at the Texas Motor Speedway for the Bombardier Learjet 500.

It's the first major IRL race since the Indy 500, so of course everyone there is already going crazy over Danica Patrick. Already she's on the cover of Sports Illustrated, which usually is a curse to everyone who's on it. If she wins in Texas, it'll be major news. But it's Tomas Scheckter who has the pole and it's Dan Wheldon going for his fourth straight race victory which would be an IRL record.

Meanwhile the first major race on Canadian soil is this Sunday as the Canadian Grand Prix takes place in Montreal. And the big news is that Jacques Villeneuve is back, not necessarily in triumph. Will he win? Well, he told a reporter that he's hoping for rain, because that's the only way he'll win this race. Today in practise Villeneuve was a lousy 13th with his heap of a car.

I read somewhere that ratings for the Grand Prix may not be all that good on Canadian TV this year, that NASCAR might beat Villeneuve and the Grand Prix in the ratings. Well well, I guess Canadians aren't such big road-racing fans after all if that's the case. People make such a big deal about how Canadians supposedly don't like oval-style racing and would rather see these Champ Cars racing down these winding streets. I just think that's hogwash. The problem in Canada is that there's no decent oval track anywhere. If you had a decent oval track then NASCAR and the IRL will come up here, and then watch the fans show up in droves. People should quit trying to say that we like a different form of racing when the truth is that Canadians will watch any kind of good racing, oval or not.

Anyway after this weekend the next three big events in Canada are the ChampCar events in Toronto, Montreal, and for the first time, in Edmonton on that track at the old airport. The big international race next week (reminder to myself) is LE MANS!!!

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