Tuesday, June 21, 2005


As you know I link often to TVNewser and often find valuable articles over there, so I credit that site again for alerting me to this profile of Alexis Glick, who some are speculating could take over for Katie Couric on the struggling Today Show. Boy, has Katie's stock ever fallen fast. The ratings are going south over at the Today Show and now Katie's being blamed and called a diva. Well that's television for you, eh?

You know what happens to anchors when the ratings go down: the bosses get some hired guns and rub you out out a la Howard Beale. Not a pleasant business.

Alexis Glick hasn't been in TV all that long, she's a reporter for CNBC from the floor of the Stock Exchange. In fact she was Maria Bartiromo's replacement on the floor, and Maria was an absolute legend. So Alexis has a big job at CNBC. In fact, before she went to CNBC she was a big head trader on Wall Street. I guess she got tired of all the stress on the Street and thought TV would be more fun.

Anyway, that's good that she's getting good press. About time people in business news had good things happen to them.

In other news Fox News apparently is ready to go ahead with its long-rumored plans to launch a business news channel pretty soon and Roger Ailes is apparently going to head the whole thing up. This is good. I think it's officially safe to look for jobs in business news again, now that the economy has improved. CNBC had better have a lot of its people under contract, because the raids are bound to start soon. (I heard that they tied up most of their big star anchors to long-term contracts and the like anyway.)

And finally it's a big news day at The New VR in Barrie, because Barrie got the Live 8 concert and not grumbling Toronto. So VRLand gets to feel important and I'm sure Lance Chilton (New VR anchor, formerly MuchMusic VJ) will be pleased. I know, this has nothing to do with business news, but I had to mention it because it's big news around here.

That's it, the blog is finally going back to sleep again for a few days.

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Classic said...

_It can't be all smiles at VRBarrie. Their parent company, Chum/MuchMusic lost out on the national (int'l deed) broadcasting of it.