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For yet another article on our disgusted, apathetic voting population of Canada read Greg Weston's article. Sums it all up.

And a poll was conducted in Chuck Cadman's riding which says the overwhelming majority of unenlightened, sit-on-their-hands Canadians would rather put up with corruption than have an election. So Cadman's likely to prop the Liberals up now. So we probably won't have an election now anyway, unless David Kilgour decides we need to have it. What a Parliament. It can't get anything done and now it can't even decide when to hold an election.

And I must say, I'm disgusted with my fellow apathetic Canadians. These people would put up with life in Cuba or somewhere. They certainly couldn't handle life in the United States of America. In the United States they hold elections all the time on every issue under the sun. The term for congressmen is only two years, and every year there's at least some vote on some proposition or bond deal or something. You think people in California were put off by the idea of holding another election race less than a year after re-electing their governor Gray Davis? NO! They wanted Gray Davis out so badly that they didn't care that they needed to hold yet another election. They went and held their election and booted him out!

Like I say- CANADA!- the only country in the whole wide world where the people don't want to hold elections and don't want democracy of any kind to happen. If you're a politician who's pro-democracy, well, that's a strike against you as far as the Canadian public is concerned. Heck, the Liberals stayed in power for so many years by running against the Reform Party's "direct democracy" ideas. And the public went for it!

I think Canadians don't care about democracy, I'm sad to say, and their attitudes right now on the sponsorship scandals simply confirms that belief. I could be wrong, and I actually hope I'm wrong, but there's no evidence of people wanting to take matters into their own hands in this country or taking pride in the fact that they have a ballot. I think a lot of these Canadians just don't care about freedom, generally. Oh well.

UPDATE: Here's a good Sun editorial on what they think Harper ought to be doing: presenting a clear vision to Canadians, not just criticizing people. Good advice that the Tories need to heed.


Oh yeah, Adam Daifallah now says Peter Kent's definitely running in St. Paul's for the Conservatives. In fact, I know where their launch event is gonna be, so yeah, it looks like it's a go.

I didn't see Peter Kent on Moneywise today, it was just Deirdre McMurdy. So it looks like it's happening. This is great news: it creates a vacancy at Global TV, so I can send them another demo tape.

Well, I hope Kent wins, but I don't like these polls. I know there's some silly Conservatives who think these polls are all a big conspiracy by Liberal supporters and hacks, all trying to prop the government up and make it look good. But I think these new polls reflect the mood out there, people like the wasteful spending and are otherwise just apathetic. They basically hate everyone in politics.


THE CAIRNS BLOG WILL HAVE COVERAGE OF THE BRITISH GENERAL ELECTION on May 5th. Tune into the CAIRNS BLOG and we will link you to sources of election news and post stories on election results all day and night. I plan to tune in to election coverage from the UK so it should be an interesting evening, although right now it looks like it will be a lousy night for Conservatives again. The Tories seem to have run a terrible campaign over there, again. Rats. Anyway, we will have election coverage so stay tuned, right here at your home of politics and democracy, THE CAIRNS BLOG! Cheers, mate.

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cds462 said...

You are not crazy. I recognize David Pekush from Saskatoon highschool as well (I recognized his mug before his name came up). I believe he went through education in college. He was also our waiter at the Granary in 1993. Seeing him on the Apprentice, what a small world that someone from Murray would be on the Apprentice. Surprised? and me both.