Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Well the Tories emerged from their big caucus meeting united against this openly-corrupt, NDP-leaning Liberal government. They're still going to bring the government down at the first opportunity. Duh. What did reporters think they were going to do. Turn chicken?

But still, a lot of MPs are nervous as Greg Weston reports. People are saying "we don't need an election" and that is Harper's problem right now. What Harper needs to do is state the case clearly why there needs to be an election: to clean up the corruption and the kangaroo-court that is Parliament. I mean, it really is a zoo over there these days and even though it is interesting to watch, it's still an embarrassment. Yet people may blame the Tories for this embarrassment, too. That's why they've got to come up with some more compelling reason for an election than just simply to pull the plug.

Better yet, maybe they should start saying they don't want an election, but they can't support the budget and the corruption. They've got to tell the Canadian people the dilemma they are in and that the Liberals seem to be trying to defeat their own government so they can force a quick election to wallop the Conservatives.

They've got to pin this mess squarely on the Liberals. Frankly, I gotta say that right now if an election were held today the Tories would be blown out in the entire City of Toronto. Everywhere. Like I say, this is Canada, where people don't like to boot out corrupt Liberal governments. If the Tories boot this government out in Parliament, they've got to do it in a way that will sell with the Canadian people. That's all.

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