Monday, May 09, 2005


... you have an openly corrupt Liberal government that is being roasted daily at the Gomery inquiry by witnesses for allegedly funneling taxpayers' money into, basically, their own party's hands.

You have a Prime Minister going on national television begging to save his job, then he buys off the NDP for 4.6 billion dollars and now is busy buying off provincial premiers, again using taxpayers money.

You have a Prime Minister who is paranoid to be seen in public with veterans for fear- displaced, might I add- that his government will fall while he's at a veterans' parade.

Now these people have flipflopped on their promise to eliminate the Democratic Deficit. They have gone and cancelled Opposition Days in the House of Commons and are now threatening to ignore Non-Confidence Votes in the House of Commons when they come up!

Wow, it's really sad when your friendly neighbourhood separatists care more about democracy and the House of Commons than the sitting federalist government. What a government and what a country. We're a banana constitutional monarchy.

And you know what is really sad? That after all this, that most English Canadians will still vote for these Liberals. Poll after poll after freaking poll.

That's the thing I find scary.

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