Wednesday, May 18, 2005


You know, The Bachelor had its season finale this week (again). But what happened to Peter MacKay has to rank up there with what happened to all these people who got dumped on TV every week on that show.

I mean, what's worse, getting dumped on national television by The Bachelor/ette, or getting dumped by Belinda Stronach?

What's worse was the way she did it. She completely blindsided MacKay. She went and quit the party! And knifed MacKay and his party in the back! ON NATIONAL TELEVISION NO LESS.

No doubt MacKay is taking this hard, but he should get over it. That woman proved she was no good for him, or for anyone. I mean really: would you trust anyone who likes Bill Clinton? Think about it.

I know that people are saying MacKay is getting his just desserts because of the way he shafted David Orchard by breaking that deal he had with him- but in that case you have to remember that Orchard was holding MacKay and the PC Party hostage at that convention and had turned that whole convention into a cattle call. MacKay caved in to the pressure to make a deal with him, it was MacKay who was getting shafted by Orchard. And Orchard was shafting the party, because the party didn't want this deal and had no say in what happened.

And wait a minute, wasn't Belinda part of MacKay's campaign team at that convention? Didn't she have some role in this deal with Orchard? What was her role? And didn't she help set the merger up with the Alliance to begin with? She was the emissary and was instrumental in helping stab Orchard in the back, too.

Hmm. I see a pattern here. Stronach was one of the people who shafted Orchard, too. And now she's shafted Peter. Paul Martin, you should wipe that goofy smirk off your face, because you're next.

Besides, MacKay isn't the only one feeling jilted: Belinda jilted the voters of Newmarket-Aurora, who thought they were electing a Conservative to Parliament. And she jilted a lot of good, card-carrying, moderate Conservatives, who backed her because they thought she was honest and had integrity about her and represented a change from all the corruption in Ottawa.

Turns out she has no integrity at all and no principles, and no loyalty to the people who supported her in the first place. Our mistake- one we can easily correct by booting her from office.

Belinda will fit right in on the Liberal front bench with the rest of these power-mad people. And she'll fit right in in the private sector, where she belongs after this stunt that cheapened Canadian politics again.

Don't worry about Peter MacKay. All he needs to do is call Chris Harrison up and he'll set things all up. Peter should get a new girlfriend fast.

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