Monday, May 02, 2005


ST. PAUL'S: Well, today was a big day in politics in this town as Stephen Harper was in St. Paul's riding today to introduce his latest star candidate Peter Kent. He was the only candidate to file papers on Saturday at the deadline so he won the nomination by acclaim, and held a big press event to announce it.

You had to see it to believe it and frankly I couldn't believe it, even though I was there today. Here's the story from Canwest about it. The reason I couldn't believe it was because here was a confirmed member of the "evil" "liberal" Media, a major news anchor who once anchored the NATIONAL on the CBC(!) years ago--- and it turns out, he's one of us, a Tory! And he's RUNNING. In TORONTO.


This ranks up there with the day AHHNOLD announced on the Tonight Show, or when Jesse Ventura became Governor of Minnesota. It had an otherworldly like feel to it. It reminded me of the day Belinda Stronach announced she was running for leader of the Conservative party in Aurora a year ago. I was there at that announcement and you'd say to yourself, "what's this woman doing with this bunch of animals, announcing she's running for office?!" Same thing with Peter Kent. You had all these kids wearing T-shirts that said "Peter Kent, Conservative" on them in big blue letters. Of course, Kent hasn't won an election yet, but the fact that he's running was pretty unusual to me.

He gave a really good speech and it seemed really well written. In fact I would almost bet he wrote the thing himself. He said the reason he's running is, to quote a fictional TV news anchor, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore." He also talked about the party being caring and compassionate, and I happen to thing it was high time we heard that from Conservatives. It was really good.

Earlier on this blog site I said of Kent's candidacy in St. Paul's that he would "get his head blown off". This is downtown Toronto and the Tories lost last time by 20,000 votes here. Now after listening to him speak I'm inclined to think it's the Liberals who will be getting their heads blown off, right across Canada. The Conservatives in St. Paul's have for themselves one heck of a candidate and this makes the national news, for sure. And maybe he does have a shot. You know, if the NDP can make it a 3-way race and if Peter Kent steals some Liberal votes, I think he might win- after all, this same area elected Barbara McDougall and Isabel Bassett in recent memory. It will be a tough fight, though.


I also put in my name to help out the Kent campaign- why not, eh? They have some rally planned for the 15th that I'll try and show up for, but to be honest, I don't know how much time I'll commit to them and told them as much. I don't live in the riding and there are other factors involved in the equation, like when they call the #$%@ election. And I have my own life to lead, besides. So for better or for worse, that's my attitude about the coming Canadian election.

In Don Valley East I've been told now that Dennis Timbrell pulled out of the running for the nomination there and there are three people running. I don't know who they are, but I'll know soon enough.

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