Friday, May 13, 2005


Well, Parliament adjourned again today. But it looks as if this is the end of the adjournments. The Liberals finally got around to setting a budget vote for May 19th and the NDP have agreed to sit out one of their members while Mr. Stinson gets cancer surgery. The guy planning to sit out is Ed Broadbent. I hope the NDP sticks to their word, it would be a classy move on their part. I disagree with the NDP totally, but they've shown way more class than the Liberals have.

Tomorrow I plan to be in Beaches-East York to check out another riding nomination meeting for the Tories and see a few old friends who will be there and voting. Beaches-East York is hopeless. Completely hopeless. It's always a race between the Libs and the NDP and the members who live in that riding usually go to Don Valley East and elsewhere to work on other campaigns that might actually stand a chance. But it's an interesting race down there and we'll see what happens.

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