Thursday, May 05, 2005


... since Paul Martin got the finger pointed at him by Chuck Guite. Here's the story...Paul Martin defending himself again.

And then there was Joe Volpe having a cow over a cover of the Western Standard, then he turned around and accused the Tories of being the KKK, and then he didn't apologize.

Maybe he should apologize. This whole Parliament needs to apologize to the people of Canada.
I wasn't going to talk any more about politics but I felt I needed to mention the Guite stuff. For more read Andrew Coyne and the usual people who are on a crusade over this stuff.


In other news, it looks like The Politix Group website is still up and running after all. It must have just been down for a day or two. So ignore my ill-informed comments the other day speculating that they were out of business. I checked their job listings and yes, they are still posting plenty of jobs in Republican-dominated Washington D.C. I should actually post a link to my articles that I've written for them, somewhere.

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