Tuesday, May 24, 2005


The vote on American Idol, of course.

It's between Bo Bice the rocker and Carrie Underwood the country girl, and this critic says it's the worst year for Idol ever and trashes both of these second-raters.

I agree. Carrie is a Karaoke singer who occasionally messes her lines up. And I can't stand country music. She's a cut-rate cross between Kelly Clarkson and Jessica Simpson, which is why she'll get a lot of votes. Yecch. If she wins I'll vomit.

If I had a vote I'd vote for Bo, the best singer in the competition by a mile. But by rock music standards he's not all that hot and a little embarrassing. These judges have forced him to go mainstream and sing crappy pop tunes, just to stay in the running every week, when what this guy needs to do is ditch the pop tunes and rock out. In fact, he needs to ditch this show. If you want credibility as a rocker, for gosh sakes, steer clear of American Idol! Stay away from Ryan Seacrest! By going on American Idol you enter the land of Simon Cowell and commercialized bubble-gum music! This is the land of Kelly...and Justin! This show was up against a bio-pic of Elvis on CBS one night and that movie illustrated the problem for everyone to see. Randy, Paula and Simon are really looking for the next Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey and thinking $$$$$. They aren't looking for the next Elvis, or even the next Bob Dylan for that matter. They're not even looking for the next Madonna.

And neither are all the teenage girls in the audience watching this show and phoning in. That's the problem with American Idol right there. Mediocrity rises to the top of a pile of cattle manure.

Unfortunately it's either this or the wedding of Rob and Amber on the other channel. Personally, I'd rather watch Ron and Don and the Stanley Cup playoffs, except they aren't on. Well, that's television for you these days. They need to bring the NHL back, this is Dullsville.

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