Tuesday, May 31, 2005


You know, if I had been an editor with one of the local newspapers in town I would have grabbed the first picture of the new Miss Universe and splashed it all over the front page.

I mean, this is a Toronto girl winning Miss Universe. In the Latin American countries winning would be big news, especially in Venezuela where it's practically a national sport, this beauty contest thing. And with all the people in town from all over the world, you would think this would be a big story, someone winning some big international title. But no. Nobody saw fit to put her on the front page, even though she's a local girl from Toronto who goes to Ryerson.

Instead you had one of these papers putting up another shot of killer Karla Homolka, soon to be released from jail, as if we haven't seen enough of her. Really nice, uplifting story. The Toronto STAR had a front page column saying the hockey lockout could be over in a few days, and really, who cares about hockey anymore.

The only paper I saw that had a photo of Miss Universe on the front page was a Chinese-language daily. Imagine, the Chinese community is more interested in this story than the English-speakers. Not even the Toronto SUN (home of the Sunshine Girls) had a front-page picture of her!

Then the media asks themselves why circulation is down at all these newspapers. Is it any wonder, when they blow a good story like this? You would have thought winning Miss Universe would be something the local media could have fun with. But I guess these newspapers here aren't interested in fun. Or in girls.


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