Saturday, May 28, 2005


It's hard to take hockey seriously when you hear stories like this: ESPN declines its $60 million option on NHL hockey next season. The NHL can say goodbye to all that cash. Way to go, Gary and Bob. Is it any wonder that this sport is a mess?

It takes some doing for any sport to get dumped from a cable network these days- presumably these networks are absolute bottomless pits for sports programming. Rumor is ESPN probably is going to negotiate a new TV deal at a low price.

It's also hard to take the hockey media seriously when they wring their hands over this story and point to it as evidence of hockey's declining popularity in the United States, and "why aren't Americans interested in hockey?". Uh, guys, if you haven't noticed, there ARE NO GAMES! It is pretty difficult for a sport to be popular if there are NO GAMES. Hockey is a sport, not a religion. Get over it, Canada.

I'm not even following the Memorial Cup, I've been tuning into soccer on the Internet. In fact, it's been all Cup games all week and there were also some Spanish League games today going on as well. And tomorrow I'll be watching auto racing all day. It's a beautiful weekend here in Hogtown and there's nobody in his right mind who'd care about hockey in this weather. Who needs it.

Actually, tomorrow is the finale for the Memorial Cup, the final big hockey game on Canadian soil this whole wretched season.

Hard to believe we've just about made it through an entire year without the National Hockey League, but we fans managed.

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