Saturday, May 07, 2005


You'd think the American TV nets would find some actual news to cover this week, but I guess things are slow.

On Wednesday ABC News did their hatchet job on American Idol and Paula Abdul, and then on Friday 20/20 sent Elizabeth Vargas over to interview the cast of Lost.

On Sunday 60 Minutes, who already have had big interviews with Jane Fonda and Goldie Hawn, are going to go Hollywood again and interview the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond.

So this is the new era of network news coverage in the USA. No wonder people are tuning into cable if this is the best these people can do. Actually I read an article somewhere that said these magazine shows are getting killed in the ratings. They used to be all over the schedule and were absolutely untouchable. Now they have to fight for every viewer and they're showing non-news stories like this, and of course these shows have had lots of management and other problems (Memogate etc).

So instead of doing hard-hitting stuff that could get them sued, they're doing gloried promos of their own network shows. This type of fluff stuff drives the traditionalists totally up the wall. Not good times for network news in the USA, folks.

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