Thursday, May 12, 2005


I was in Don Valley East at the Conservative nomination meeting where they picked a candidate to run in the election. Turned out there were four candidates that were running and it was Eugene McDermott who ended up winning the nomination. It was pretty much his nomination after the speech he made- it won the crowd over. The other candidates in the race were Atam Uppal, Paul Perantinos and Joel Ginsberg. Also, seemed to be a big crowd in attendance there which was important for the party. Also got the impression the whole thing was wide-open. A lot of the people there looked at each other and said "who are you supporting?" "Heck, I don't know!" So it went. I think it turned on the speeches. Interesting night.

A number of other nomination races were going on the same night- Don Valley West and Willowdale were also holding meetings. Also, I was told that Tony Clement's official nomination in Parry Sound- Muskoka will be this weekend.

The mess continues in Parliament and the latest word is the NDP may offer to the Conservatives to "pair up" their members to make up for any ill MPs on the Conservative side. One of their own members might abstain and not vote, just to make it fair. Harper should consider it but should still press for an immediate confidence vote, because quite frankly the NDP can't be trusted to do a darn thing to help the Conservatives. The other story is that David Kilgour might pull his support for the Libranos, I mean Liberals, if they don't serve up enough money for Darfur, Sudan. OOPS. I guess I'm in trouble with Joe Volpe now. I was just joking people. Calm down.

These constant adjournments look bad and make the Liberals look like they've lost all control of Parliament, but now you see Martin claiming that the opposition is disrupting Parliament, and this could be getting bad for optics. Personally, I think the Conservatives and the Bloc should not adjourn the house again tomorrow. If they do this too often it's just going to give ammunition to these Liberals and give the impression that it's the Tories trying to shut down Parliament. It's shades of Newt Gingrich. So I think maybe they shouldn't adjourn tomorrow, and instead spend the day roasting the Liberals and calling for a quick non-confidence vote. Then if they want to adjourn next week they could. I just don't want these guys going overboard with the adjournments. They've proven for everyone to see that this Parliament is a mess and needs to be dissolved as soon as possible.

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