Tuesday, May 10, 2005


The House voted 153-150 to ask the Liberals to resign on that procedural amendment.

Tony Valeri says the thing is simply procedural and they are gonna ignore it.

Still, this is a big blow for the Liberals. And more bad news: a new CTV Strategic Counsel poll has the Tories up 31-27 and ahead in Ontario.

The NDP are also up to 20% nationally. I'm a little concerned that the NDP are getting traction and could make big gains. I'm worried we're going to wind up with a completely left-leaning House of Commons after this. the mood out there sort of reminds me of the mood in Ontario in 1990 with David Peterson. It's volatile, and there's a lot of disgust out there that polls aren't picking up, and in Toronto those voters are likely to go for the NDP because they aren't the Tories and aren't the Liberals. Plus they don't want an election either, so they're good guys, right?


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