Monday, May 09, 2005


Well, a motion from a committee calling on the government to resign is in order, so the Speaker says, and the Tories are saying they can vote on it tomorrow and bring these Liberals down! Wow, I didn't think this would happen tomorrow.

And there's BIG controversy over this because the Liberals are claiming this is NOT a confidence matter and plan to ignore it. They say it's a procedural matter. The opposition is saying it isn't a procedural matter. And that's why you have Gilles Duceppe all hot under the collar and threatening to go to the Governor-General.

You know if this government loses this vote, and then the opposition goes to Adrienne and she keeps the Libs in power in King-Byng-type fashion, then this country will really look like a banana constitutional monarchy. This is a national joke waiting to happen.

And today Benoit Corbeil was telling the Gomery inquiry all about how the Liberals were getting taxpayer money to fight the 2000 election!!!! Wow.

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