Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Whew. I thought Thursday would be huge but I guess not now.

BC election results are in, Gordo Campbell will still be Premier, his BC Liberals won the election, with a reduced majority. Last I heard it was 46 of 79 seats. No word yet on whether they'll change the electoral system, the STV proposal is running at 57% and it needs 60% to pass. We'll see, doesn't look like it's going to make it.

As for the federal budget the Tories have caved bigtime. CTV News said on the 11PM 'cast that it looks like the two independents are gonna vote for the budget. So it looks like that is that. That completely arrogant, power-mad Martin government has been let off the hook, thanks to this incompetent Parliament, namely the independents, the NDP and that complete sellout Belinda Stronach.

I gotta hand it to Bob Fife. I thought he was smoking crack when he said the Liberals were trying to buy people off. He wasn't. Give this guy a raise, CTV, he totally nailed this story.

And in other news Newmarket-Aurora riding has called an emergency meeting for tomorrow so they can figure out what they do now. I think they may have plenty of time to find a new candidate from what I hear now. Lois Brown? Hey, maybe even Frank Klees?

I'm disappointed, and furious at the Liberals and Parliament, but there's nothing I can do about it. This is Bananada. The politicians are idiots and the people are even bigger chumps. These are the people we elected making this mess, and yet the people don't want recall, either. Chumps.

At least now the Tories are standing up against this government on a regular basis now. I hope they keep doing so. But it's probably for the best that there probably won't be an election now. Another new CTV poll has the Libs way ahead in Ontario again. Everyone in Toronto was due to get pounded. The stars just aren't aligned so we might as well accept it, for now.

Sooner or later the people are going to be fed up with the broken promises, lying and corruption. The Liberal act is wearing thin. Then the Tories will be ready.

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