Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I plan to be at the Don Valley East nomination meeting tomorrow night to choose a candidate to run against Member of Parliament Yasmin Ratansi. I heard there were five candidates running for the opportunity to be defeated by her in the election. Meanwhile Pollara has a poll out that has the Liberals up 37-28. Great.

All the neighbours seem to think it's a lousy time for an election, even though this government has disgraced itself. They think it's the Tories' calling the election and hijacking Parliament when in fact it is the Liberals who are stonewalling and getting nothing done, all because they are afraid of being defeated in the Commons. So it's the usual mood in Toronto as far as I can tell.

Frankly, this is one campaign I am not looking forward to helping out on, given the mood locally. I've told party people privately that I think the Tories will get blown out in the city of Toronto, and I'm definitely not the only one who feels this way. Personally I'm worried the Tories will get roasted for cancelling the gravy train Paul Martin has planned for the greedy people of Toronto- all that money he was going to hand over to people here. This is weird. I'm acting like Belinda Stronach.

Personally I want to see the Conservatives stand their ground and make the government look as bad as possible, and get the public mad enough that they can't stand it any longer and call for the plug to be pulled. But I get the sense that the stars aren't all aligned for us to pull the plug right now, in spite of what is going on in Ottawa- not enough to help any in Toronto anyway. They would be totally aligned if the NDP pulled out of their deal with the Liberals and screamed bloody murder. Then the Liberals will be booted right out of the House of Commons and we'll have an election. But I think the Tories in Ottawa are hell-bent on an election, regardless of what the NDP does. I sure hope they know what they're doing.

I get the sense that the party in Ottawa doesn't care, they're so mad at the scandals that they have to pull the plug. I can appreciate that feeling, because I'm been that mad, too. In fact I've been mad for a long time. But now I've calmed down and have grabbed some common sense. I guess I'm just fearing the repeat of last time and that nothing will get accomplished, and then we'll have another lousy left-leaning minority government and the Tories will have to have a leadership race. And then I'll have to actually go and vote for Stronach!

Me, I am a total pessimist about Toronto. I think Capobianco has a chance in Etobicoke-Lakeshore but we have zero chance anywhere else, unless people get hot under the collar over the waste of their hard-earned dollars in Ottawa. So personally I feel working for any election campaign in Toronto will be a total waste of time and do nothing for me personally. I'm almost thinking I might not work on the local campaign. My motivation is zero. I don't want to knock on doors and get yelled at again by Liberals. Or by people who claim "they're all the same". I know full well the situation in Toronto is hopeless. Besides, I have other things I want to do.

Personally I think it's hopeless in Don Valley East. I think the whole riding association membership feels the same way, it's only the die-hard types who think it's winnable. Recently there have been some bad local losses and morale is just terrible. I think the candidate here is going to have to boost Tories' morale in the riding. The nominee will need to convince people that they have a chance here, despite what happened last time. That'll be the number one job.

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