Monday, May 23, 2005


I read on the Paul Wells website that there is a story in the Toronto Star about a movement afoot to dump Stephen Harper as leader of the Conservatives.

Then it mentioned the people behind it and it was David Asper, Sinclair Stevens and David Orchard. Hardy har har.

It would have been nice if this guy had mentioned that these three aren't even in the party. Isn't Sinclair Stevens a member of the Progressive Canadians? And David Orchard, didn't he oppose the merger and quit the party? I thought David Asper was a Liberal?

If these are the people in charge of the dump-Harper movement then Harper has nothing to worry about. In fact it would be the biggest argument out there for keeping Harper around, if the guys in charge of dumping him are these three people.

(I'm tempted to say "these losers" but I want to try and raise the bar around here, for a change).

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