Sunday, May 29, 2005


... ran out of gas in the final laps; it was Dan Wheldon, driving for Michael Andretti (former Toronto Indy all-time champion), who actually won the Indy 500 race. But this is the IRL and not NASCAR, and therefore nobody really cares about him getting to drink some milk. In fact more people are probably watching the Coca-Cola 600, on the other channel. Wheldon sealed the deal under caution when big ChampCar bigshot Sebastien Bourdais slammed into a wall in the final laps.

Danica was lucky to finish fourth under caution with her empty gas tank; basically Team Rahal Letterman kept her car out on the race course, while everyone else was pitting, in a big gamble to try and win the race. They were way back in 9th place at the time and knew they probably had no shot otherwise. From the team's standpoint it worked out great, because they ended up getting points out of it for the rest of the IRL season because Danica led some more laps and finished so high up, both Indy 500 firsts for a female driver.

People are now going nuts saying what a big advancement this is for women's rights, but it would have been even more of an advancement if Danica's car had gas! Instead she had to spend her last laps running behind just to conserve fuel, and probably was running on fumes by the very end. (Dan Wheldon's car actually ran out of gas just a few moments after crossing the finish line.) I also hear she did modeling shoots in bikinis for FHM and MAXIM, so I don't know what these equal-rights-type people think about that. It might set the women's movement back years if she eventually wins the 500.

Maybe this will get more people watching the IRL. Just watch, all the Danica fans will come out of the woodwork now, all these women and these drooling guys. Then maybe the IRL will have some star power to compete with Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Then maybe people with go back and watch real racing with the Indycars instead of the demolition derby that is NASCAR (twenty-two caution flags tonight for these slowpokes in Charlotte, all-time NASCAR record for these good ol' boys).

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