Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I may not be a fan of fundamentalists in politics, don't really agree with them on certain issues, but I will say this: organized religion in this country has been getting slammed a little bit too often by the likes of Gloria Galloway and the rest of these reporters. Since when has it been against the law to be a Christian in this country?

I mean, you saw it in the coverage of the election of the new Pope, all the disappointment from people who were hoping the Catholic Church would, ahem, become a little less Catholic and more secular. And you see it in the coverage of the Conservative Party. Quite frankly, I'm sick of it. I'm not all that religious either, but I'm worried that people in this country not only seem to want nothing to do with religion at all, but want to go after people who are religious and deny them their rights to freedom of worship. They're making people of faith out to be dangers to society and frankly I think that's a really warped approach for Canadians to take.

Charles Adler sums it all up in this column. And I agree with these people who say lay off Christians already! I may not agree with the fundamentalists as far as their politics is concerned, and disagree with their attempts to take their views into the political arena, but they have a right to their opinions. And some of the criticisms of Christians that you hear from people in Canada begin to border on complete intolerance. This is supposed to be a free country with freedom for everyone, not just for that one segment of the population that isn't into religion. This seems to be a populace that most definitely cannot handle life in a place like the United States, or Italy or Israel or anywhere else where you have a lot of religion.

Get with it, Canada.

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Ian said...

Christianity is scary, unfortunately. And before criticizing Canadians for bordering on intolerance, consider the intolerance of Christianity throughout time, and to this day. Intolerance toward homosexuality obviously, but also toward women (who in general cannot be ordained as ministers), the right to sovereignty over ones body, the advancements of science, etc. Before worrying yourself any further about Canadians trying to restrict Christianity, consider that Christianity is equally unable to keep to itself, continuing to proselytize through the indoctrination of children - those not yet capable of distinguishing fact from fantasy - with it's deranged ideas of eternal torture or eternal bliss, depending on whether one is a "believer" in this man-made story. It is reason that leads society to teach Children the endless possibilities of a life well lived; it is Christianity that leads society to teach children that the world is 3,600 years old, and hell awaits those who question the authority of a multi-authored story of spurious integrity.