Tuesday, May 17, 2005


In the wake of that turncoat traitor Belinda crossing the floor to the Liberals the Tories have come up with a new strategy re: the budget vote.

What they plan to do is support the main budget, but they plan to vote against the amendments to the budget which were the 4.6 billion in wild spending the Liberals promised to buy off the NDP. Details from CTV.

This looks like a win-win scenario to me. By voting for the main budget the Tories take away the Liberals' main arguments against the Tories respecting the Atlantic Accord and all the money promised to the cities, since the Tories will be registering their votes to pass it. And they are separating themselves from the Bloc who are opposed to everything the Liberals do anyway. The added benefit is they could maybe lure the Liberals in to try and kill the 4.6 billion dollar amendments, thus making the NDP mad and ready to vote non-confidence. Then they'll all bring down the house over corruption.

Interesting move given the day's events. They're also making Belinda look like an opportunist who was only in it for the power by doing this. Belinda claims she's leaving because of the budget, but the Tories are supporting the stuff she claims to support in the budget. So it's obvious she only quit the party because that woman has it in for Harper.

I'm also hearing rumors now that MIKE HARRIS is being lured to run against Belinda in Newmarket-Aurora. Are these rumors true?

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