Thursday, May 26, 2005


I wonder if you've seen Britney Spears' new reality TV show Chaotic, on UPN.

Me neither. In fact, it's a major flop. The ratings for this show are so low that already there's word that Britney's been told the show is going to be cancelled unless the ratings improve. Britney is said to be distraught over this. But it looked to me like her show was another cheap ripoff reality show, ripping off Nick and Jessica. Boy, has her career ever taken a dive.

This is good news for the viewers, this news that Britney might be cancelled. In fact the networks are moving away from reality shows at last; they announced their lineups for the fall schedule and there are more long-form drama series and even some more sitcoms. That's good; this may mean more good writing might return to prime time television. Some of the more popular reality shows (Survivor, Apprentice, Amazing Race, America's Next Top Model etc.) are coming back, but there aren't many new ones getting a green light because the audience is running for cover. And they aren't going to bring back Fear Factor until midseason next year.

I say good riddance to reality TV shows, too many of them are littering the air like so much trash. There's one series coming soon called "Hell's Kitchen" which is set in a restaurant and has this cook trashing the people serving the dishes. That actually sounds interesting and might even be funny, for a few weeks. But I gotta say, there aren't many reality shows out there that interest me these days, too many of them rip each other off. And way too many have Rob and Amber in them.

Rob and Amber, word of advice to you, quit blighting reality TV. Go join Ken Jennings in seclusion already. You've won your million dollars,why don't you go and spend it, and let someone else win a million dollars!

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